Untitled,a New Award-winning Film
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Untitled,a New Award-winning Film

Untitled is actually the title of a new award-winning film by British film director and actor Shaun Troke.It is of the horror/supernatural genre and will keep you on the edge of your seats throughout.It is totally believable and the actors make you share their fear.It will be released for a limited market in 2012.

It is always good to have a chance to see a brand new film before it is even released to the public.Untitled is a feature film written,directed and filmed by the young British director and actor Shaun Troke.

Shaun also plays the lead in the film he created in 2009.He thought of the idea on a coach from Heathrow Airport to Brighton on April 3rd 2009 and he intended to get the script finished and start shooting it by the end of that year but things did not work out that way.

Ten days after finishing the script he was seriously assaulted in his home town of Newhaven and ended up in intensive care with a broken skull.It took a year for him to be well enough to start work again but Untitled had to be put on the backburner when he was asked to direct a horror film in Poland.

As soon as Sparrow was released Shaun went back to his own film which he decided to call Untitled.Having worked alongside British actors Nikki Harrup and Leonara Moore on Sparrow he decided to cast them in the leading roles for Untitled.

The full cast is

  • Shaun - Shaun Troke
  • Nikki - Nikki Harrup
  • Leo-Leonora Moore
  • Danny - Danny Goldberg
  • Evan Driscoll - Steve Purbrick

Written,directed and produced by Shaun Troke.Filmed by Shaun Troke,Nikki Harrup,Leonora Moore and Danny Goldberg.

The film is in the horror/supernatural genre and is filmed with high definition camcorders under the direction of Shaun Troke.There are no frills,although there are some excellent special effects and Shaun has created a very eerie atmosphere by only using background music in one scene.

The story is excellent and easy to follow,two girls and two men decide to make a documentary about the most haunted cottage in Wales.Before they go they practice with their cameras so there are some nice scenes of London and you also know all about the characters and their relationships before the main plot begins.

The cottage is miles from anywhere in the woods and you know something awful is going to happen when they are told they are not to go into the attic under any circumstances.The documentary focuses on a group of Satanists who used to live in the cottage.The direction is very clever as Shaun Troke has shot the documentary in black and white so there is no chance of getting confused by the film within the film.He is excellent as the presenter of the documentary and he has cast the film well as they fit their roles like a glove.

Needless to say the four are caught up in the strange and scary things that go on inside the cottage and the end came as a surprise to me.

The film was premiered at various Festivals in America in 2011 and won an Award for the Best Narrative Feature at the American International Festival in September 2011.

Shaun is keen to get Untitled included in the Horror Festivals that are becoming popular nationally and Internationally and it will be released for a limited market this year.Trailers from the film can be seen on UTube under Untitled Project 2010.

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Comments (3)

Sounds a bit similar to the 1990's American "Blair Witch Project." That also was in black & white. Thanks for the information, Amanda

Sy,that was a terrific film and was one of the influences Shaun had to make this film.The film is in color but the film within the film is black and white.This is really sensible because one of things I got confused with in French Lieutenant's Woman was the flashbacks between the film within the film and the present day as they were both in color.

Sounds like it would be an interesting film to watch. A very interesting review, Amanda.