The Farm Hits DVD with an Indie Film Shoestring Budget
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The Farm Hits DVD with an Indie Film Shoestring Budget

Those who wish to make indie films will be excited to find out it can be done. It can even look great with a next to nothing budget. The people at Ghost Walk Productions make it look effortless while creating a indie short film, "The Farm". "The Farm" can now be purchased on DVD.

What do you get when you mix strong and talented individuals, a great story and a next to nothing budget?  The end result is the newly released film, “The Farm” by Ghost Walk Productions.  The film stars John Chiara, Alana Kaniewski, Holly Neelie and Richard T. Phillis.  The story was written and Produced by Ghost Walk creator, Rocky Karlage.

The story takes place on a rural farm in Ohio after two lovers decide to wed.  It was suppose to be a quaint and quiet honeymoon for the two.  As the story progresses the couple find out something sinister is lurking in the dark at the farm.  How will they fare against supernatural forces?  What is even more interesting is that this film is based on actual events.

This horror genre indie film provokes the mind to further study what is possible in our realm of reality.  One has to ask what is true and what is fantasy.  The two blend together so much that it is hard to tell them apart.

Ghost Walk Productions has been in a fight for years to get their highly entertaining and educational media out to the public.  Ghost Walk is armed with talented and skilled staff but only a meager budget.  Money woes were not going to beat down these eager and willing staff. They press on and keep going by getting their word out through social media and public forums.

The production and execution of this film was truly a labor of love.  “The Farm” was made on a very tight shoe string budget.  This film represents hope and a beacon of light to others who wish to enter the indie film arena.

From the writer to the director to the actors, everyone volunteered their time to make this film a reality.  The location sites for the film were even donated to the production of “The Farm”.  The Farm that was used in the making of this film is turned into a yearly haunted attraction at Halloween time which added to the atmosphere of the movie.  You can visit “The Haunted Farm” in Pleasantville, Ohio and experience the terror for yourself.

With the imagination and the evolution of technology, making a film just isn’t a pipe dream anymore.  The director, Steve Olander purchased his high definition film quality camera from eBay.  This investment has more than paid for itself when considering the quality of film he can now produce.  Even movie house film editing software is now available to average people.

To learn more about “The Farm” you can visit  The movie is now available for purchase through the movie web site.

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I am really looking forward to seeing this movie!