Skyline: Cloverfield Meets the Spawn?
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Skyline: Cloverfield Meets the Spawn?

Skyline: Cloverfield Meets the Spawn?, Skyline: A New Alien Invasion Film to Watch For

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The film Skyline is one of those films about alien invasion that could very well be stowed out in your film archives in the same section with Independence Day, Battlefield Earth, Cloverfield and others in that category. But to those who haven’t seen it yet come the question, just how good is it compared to the other three films? Well, speaking about order and the cast of credible characters, the roles of seasoned directors and producers, of course you couldn’t take out Independence Day from the number one slot.

Terry and Jarrod seeing the alien invasion on the rooftop

The wonder of CGI effects maybe just the only relief why this film seemed to be quite entertaining and gripping to the last episode (depending on one’s taste of course). As for the film plot, it’s not that different from Cloverfield only because unlike the latter, no one was holding the video camera like one was actually caught in the film and you don’t have to reconcile your perspective when the camera tumbles up and down indicating that the cameraman stumbled while running his way to safety through the film episode (like in Cloverfield).

The film brings the directorial expertise of Colin Strause and Greg Strause (The Brothers Strause) whose venture into film special effects earned them the necessary experience from doing work on the X-Files to such big budgeted films like The Nutty Professor, Volcano and the iceberg sequences in the famous film Titanic. Their first directorial debut in the film Alien vs Predator: Requiem became a worldwide hit despite that it didn’t got positive reviews from film critics. Unlike other well produced costly films however, it grossed twice beyond its estimated production budget.

Helicopter shot by the alien's tentacles before Jarrod and Elaine 

Skyline’s story plot was presented in a similar way the film Cloverfield started and didn’t took the option of employing a host of credible cast. Instead, only a few prominent stars gave direction to the course of the story at which Eric Balfour, Scottie Thompson, Neil Hopkins, Donald Faison and David Zayas were the only familiar faces that could be easily identified by average film buffs. The characters started out in an evening partying and wake up to the progress of the alien invasion which like Cloverfield involved oversized aliens. The huge creatures turn the city into rubbles while running into it stepping on buildings as pursued by UAVs and military troopers. The aliens close into Jarrod (Balfour) and Elaine (Thompson) who were sucked and taken into the heart of the alien mother ship where a pile of humans were dumped. As it turned out, the aliens decapitate human heads sucking brains out of it to be integrated into their own system but it was only Elaine who was spared because she was detected to be pregnant. Elaine watched in terror as Jarrod was picked up by the aliens’ tentacles and decapitated with his brains taken in. Moments later, an alien creature resembling the Spawn detaches from the huge alien body and confronts Elaine with such intimacy as Jarrod indicating his memory remained alive in the alien’s body and the film ends. You could very well guess what happens next when the sequel is made.

Elaine confronted by an alien with Jarrod's brain


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Comments (7)

Hummm . . .

Nice review Deep Blue! In my perspective, the film was much of the CGI and CGFX presentation. In the end all I said was Ah, nice effects! But the plot never lingered since it was very common as it was comparatively noticed by you as well comparing it to Independence Day and Cloverfield.

Great review I can't say as much for the actual movie except that there were some really nice special effects.

Very insightful review!

Ranked #1 in Film Production

Thanks for the reactions everyone. This film really did give emphasis on CGI effects.

Haven't watched it yet. Kind of thrilling film to me. xx

Another great review. Congratulations, Will!