Seabiscuit: A Man and Horse Successful Story
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Seabiscuit: A Man and Horse Successful Story

Seabiscuit: A Man and Horse Successful Story

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                    Seabiscuit was a 2003 American film which accounts the life drama of horse race during the near end of the Great Depression. Based on a best seller written by Laura Hillenbrand, a novel titled “Seabiscuit: An American Legend” it stars Tobey Maguire as the jockey Red Pollard, Jeff Bridges as Charles S. Howard the owner of the horse and Chris Cooper as Tom Smith, the horse trainer. 

                     Tobey Maguire have just completed “Spiderman” a year that passed to have won such role and his personality best fits the character of Red Pollard on the film. Jeff Bridges has completed two films back in 2001 and was making such role in Seabiscuit aside from another film made that same year (Masked and Anonymous) but of course he is a seasoned actor in his own right and thus fits the role of Charles S. Howard, the horse owner. Chris Cooper had been one busy actor in supporting roles credited with three films in 2002 (Interstate 60, The Bourne Identity, Adaptation) and another film aside from Seabiscuit released that year (My House in Umbria) so his role as Tom Smith the horse trainer best completes the trio of key actors that made a perfect combination for the cast.

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                     The beauty of the story lies in the lives of the three men near the brink of hopelessness dragged altogether to gain meaning after they were brought in contact with seabiscuit, the horse. Imagine the Great Depression (1929 to early 1940s) further adding desperation to the story’s set-up. Red Pollard came from a wealthy family which lost its status owing to the financial crisis and was left in the care of a horse trainer. Charles Howard was left by his wife following a bout with depression on the death of their son and has ventured to Mexico to start anew life after marrying anew when he acquired a stable of horses. He then hires Tom Smith, a homeless horse trainer who already has contact with Red and eventually recommends him to be the jockey for Charles. The character of the horse (if animals do have character in the first place) was another strange coincidence which made up a perfect team that resulted in a winning race horse and an interesting story. In Spiderman film, Tobey Maguire becomes the hero that put things right whenever anything goes wrong. In here, he is but an ordinary person who learns from the bonding gained in spending time to understand the secret antics of seabiscuit which it only reveals to him on the race track crucial to winning each race.

                     Watching this film will make one wonder at the magic of a once poorly judged race horse gaining the heart of millions (you could imagine horse racing and how it inspired many during such time of crisis) and in the end of the film “redeemed” the lives of the three main characters brought in direct contact with it. The film received a 77% (4 star ) rating at Rotten Tomatoes and despite it didn’t grossed well enough to double its production budget cost, it performed well beyond it.


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Comments (11)

Based on a book which was based on a true story too I might add. If people like this movie I would recommend Ruffian... although any true horse person already knows how that one ends.

Great reviewed..very interesting story indeed..thanks a lot..v+done :)

Fantastic review. My wife and I both love this story. We have the DVD and have watched it many times.

I have this movie, its great, thanks.

Ranked #1 in Film Production

I will check that one Brenda. Thanks for the reactions, as well Mr. Ghaz, Jerry, Ron.

Great review. Saw the film, but this refreshed my memory.

great horse

very interesting

Love love love this movie, a great review

Thanks for the review on this geat person.

Excellent. Sorry, I'm out of votes