Movie Review: Unstoppable
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Movie Review: Unstoppable

Due to negligence of a worker of a train containing hazardous chemical solutions without unstoppable drive towards residential areas in American cities. Can they avoid this disaster?

When I heard Tony Scott and Denzel Washington's going to collaborate to make a movie-themed train then my first thought was "Huh? Not that it happened last year through The Taking of Pelham 123?

Due to negligence of a worker of a train containing hazardous chemical solutions without unstoppable drive towards residential areas in American cities. Without knowing what happened, two railway workers Will Colson and Frank Barnes fulfill their tasks of daily trains. Will and Frank do not get along because of how different generations and the economic crisis. Frank is an old employee, 28 years in the company Allegheny and West Virginia Railroad (AWVR) while Will was still a new kid who had recently worked there. Because of the economic crisis, many companies want to fire their old employees and hire new employees to replace them with a smaller salary. Did not take long before Will and Frank realize that there is a problem with the train was named 777. AWVR also made great efforts to stop the train. The problem is how you can stop a body weighing tens of tons and moving at speeds over 100 km / hour?

If you expect a film with high tense from the first until the last minute, forget that hope. But it does not mean it is a bad movie. Tony Scott pay off his mistake in The Taking of Pelham 123 through this film. The film begins with a slow pace but effective introduction to our two main characters of this film. After the first half hour was then Tony Scott starting his action scenes in this movie.

The film is lucky to have Denzel Washington and Chris Pine as the main casts. Casting both of them are appropriate and represent two different generations. I think Denzel Washington is an actor who is consistent and its role is always represent a quality. Chris Pine had a success as the new Captain Kirk in the remake of Star Trek. This is what I like in Unstoppable. The champion is not just the two worked alone to stop the train, this termination is a collaboration of many people who happened to be executed by two men.

I also give thumbs up for this movie the way the present it as semi-news. Perhaps the fact that this is a film inspired by real events makes it more thrilling, heroic, as well as touching. Tony Scott's successful stir my emotions while watching this movie.

Unstoppable is a film that inspires. Yes he also hinted how the executive is sometimes unfair to blue collar workers but Tony Scott is not playing with this sensitive issue for too long. He is more focused to show us that everyone has a potential to be a hero.

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Comments (1)

Good review. I really enjoyed this movie. I love Denzel. Great job. Voted up.