Ice Age: The Story of the Weirdest Herd
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Ice Age: The Story of the Weirdest Herd

Ice Age: The Story of the Weirdest Herd

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                Released in March 2002, Ice Age was 20th Century Fox’s computer-animated film created through its CGI arm Blue Sky Studios. With an estimated production budget of $60 million, it grossed to $176,387,405 which was better than other fairly good non-animated films which haven’t made it to the box office to cover for its production costs. This film has only the services of voice artists whose talents could be compared to regular casts in a normal film then of course not to undermine the final touches of the studio artists who made all the animated characters move to the tune of the story.

              The opening and ending was amusingly graced by a saber-toothed squirrel, Scrat finding a hard time figuring out how to stow his acorn. Clumsily burying it in a glacier it caused the ice to crack and set the course of the story going while animals scamper to safety with the disturbance to the frozen setting that activated an avalanche. In the ensuing chaos, a herd of saber-toothed tigers led by Soto was planning to avenge their fate from humans by attempting to steal the child of a village chief in order to be eaten. While they killed the rest of the villagers, the wife of the chief overheard the commotion and ran away with her child to safety but was soon chased by one of the Smilodons. Pushed at the edge of a cliff leading to a river, the mother was left with the option of taking the safety of the waters by jumping away from the attacker. Reporting the failure to Soto, the Smilodon leader appointed Diego, his right hand to undertake the effort to go after the baby. Meanwhile the baby clutched in the arms of his mother was seen by two animals who met each other by accident, Manfred the mammoth and Sid the Sloth. Although the former dislikes the latter they were drawn to each other when Sid was attacked by two Brontops prompting Manfred to save him which later made him realize travelling with a bigger companion does makes sense so he trailed alongside Manfred on his way. They were on their way when they caught sight of the mother and her baby along the river bank and as Sid came to take hold of the baby in his arms, the mother passed away with her last breath. After a brief argument they soon agreed to return the baby to the village. While on their way, Diego crossed their path and persuades them to hand him the baby but the two refused so in an attempt to gain the trust of the sloth and the mammoth, he offers his help of tracking down the human encampment in order to gain the chance of closing in on the baby.

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                  The course of the story turned out unlikely as the strange companionship between the sloth, the mammoth, a saber-toothed tiger and a human child gave rise to the assemblage of the weirdest herd (as what came out of Sid’s mouth at the course of the story). Diego led the three on a place to be ambushed by his party led by Soto but soon had a change of heart and sided with his newfound herd. Soto was killed in the struggle and the four went on their way crossing cataclysmic realms of breaking ice packs, lava flows and shaking grounds until the baby was handed over by Manfred to the chief in a dramatic man-beast confrontation that was pacified by the baby’s presence being returned to his father. The baby Roshan, learning to walk was laid down by Manfred’s hold by his trunk and the story ends getting back to Scrat attempting to reach out to his prized acorn while partly trapped in an ice pack that was washed ashore in a tropical land. The voices of John Leguizamo (Sid), Ray Romano (Manfred), Denis Leary (Diego) provided voices that fitted the characters.


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Comments (11)

Cute film!

cool one! ..great comp-animated movie indeed :) V+

Another great review, thanks Will.

Ranked #1 in Film Production

Thanks James, Ron, Mr. Ghaz. This film will ease writer's block when you have spent so much time blogging.

Love it

love it thank you

A very nice review of a very funny movie. One of my stepson's favorite movies.

I like it.....thanks

The effects given in this movie has a good clarity. Very interesting movie review

Just reviewed this film last week. It's still an entertaining film.

I should catch this one with the grands. It sounds great!