Facts About the Spirituality in Indie Art Movies
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Facts About the Spirituality in Indie Art Movies

Films should be idealized to be more close to home compared to what we see or what we usually look forward to during the film festivals in december. Filmmaking should be further be put into scrutiny and examination to make it into it's most perfect form. For a better form of showing the film's spirituality.

Indie art movies come and go during the arts festivals and in school film exhibits. But at the end of the day, we all know that beneath the script, beneath the castings and all, we know that the effort placed in these films brought forth the spirituality in these art films.

Taking an example from the indie movie "Sunday's Eve" from Blade Jaeger productions. An independent design studio and movie house in the Philippines. Their movie is a short that relates to the time we must take advantage of before all is lost. Otherwise, all is lost if time isn't put into consideration.

The morale and the spirituality doesn't necessarily mean a foundational religion, faith, creed or belief system; rather, it is more of the trend of good and evil. One side versus the other. A conflict between two parties who have different motives. One being on a positive motive, while the other force has ulterior motives to bank for his or her pawns. 

A fact about these independent art movies is that outside the cookie-cutter scripts that the mainstream have provided for the average joe, these scripts would tell of moral values, not just shallow words saying that "we will never go doing X again". More of the consequences and the benefits of one action and of another action and so forth.

A story of the common family can be seen in an indie film better compared to what the mainstream movies can do because of the actual portayal and doubled efforts in detail to make it more prevalent and even further ingrained to the hearts of the people when they watch it. People usually lack the initiative to watch indie films because they wanted something casual. Take for instance, in the Philippines, a veteran actress released a film called "Thy Womb" which signalled her return, however fans didn't receive it with open arms because it lacked more than one mainstream actor and it had some form of substance which some people seem to have shunned. 

It takes an aquired taste to see the spirituality in these films, the effort, the complexities of it's drama, not to mention that these movies can break the boundaries of what a movie should be like, whether it be full length or short length, as long as the plot isn't like the usual and it is more applicable in today's time and in today' society. That would make it better. Once again, the sure fact about spirituality in movies is not about the romance, not the script or how the actors say it, but it's the moral of the story, the the deep lessons intertwined into our minds and moral systems. 

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