Dead Poets Society(1989): A Film Review
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Dead Poets Society(1989): A Film Review

Dead Poets Society was a film first produced in 1989. It directed by Peter Weir and stars Robin Williams. An American film, this movie has a setting in the Welton Academy of 1959 and is about the story of an English literature teacher who inspires his young high school age students to "seize the day," using poetry and the love of words as a foundation. Written and based off Tom Schulman, this film has received generally high reviews. It has a very serious message: To follow ones heart.

Debuting in 1989, Dead Poets Society is an all American film starring Robin Williams, an English teacher who inspires his students to live their lives to the fullest! This movie is set in 1959, at Welton Academy school for the gifted. A school that produces productive students. Written by Tom Schulman, this movie stars Robert Sean Leonard and is very well connected considering the theme.

A group of high school students at Welton Academy, an all male institution, have began their senior year and are in for an extraordinary ride when they meet John Keating, their English teacher. The teachings of Keating are abnormal and unorhrodox and the students quickly become influenced, leading them to follow up on their emotions and the things they like. And one of the characters end up killing himself, and the reason behind his death is controversial.

The Message of this Movie

The message of Dead Poet Society is deep. The English teacher, John Keating, stresses to his impressionable students to seize the moment. Follow your heart. The phrase "carpe diem" is a favorite of Mr. Keating and this stands for "seize the day" in French. He encourages them to make their lives extraordinary. The power of the play goes on? But what will be your script in the perpetual play, that is life?

Live out everyday to the fullest. Make your life memorable and make it worth living. Don't follow the crowd. Follow your heart.

 Film Review & Awards

Upon release, this film recieved very positive critical acclaim. Favorably, it has seen positive reviews from "86% of critics cited by Rotten Tomatoes,[3] as well as a weighted average score of 79 out of 100 from 14 mainstream critics registered on Metacritic."

Generally, it is considered to be a very solid and smart and entertaining work of art that can inspire any crowd no matter the ethnic group. IMDb rates this movie at 7.9 stars out of 10.

On Amazon, Anders Kirstein Moeller gave a very positive review:

"This wasn't a movie I'd normally pick but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Although not fast-paced, neither is it boring because the cinematography is interesting. Worth watching if you just want a classic, quotable movie on a calm evening by yourself or with a couple of friends."



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