Dark Knight Franchise Far from Over
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Dark Knight Franchise Far from Over

This is a summary review and blog of the future of the Dark Knight Franchise. Judging by the way the film ended, that means that Hollywood has some additional tricks up their sleeves, but with them sending out little bitty hints means that there is probably another Batman/ Robin film in the making as we speak.

By Jeramie L Bizzle


Okay its been two weeks now and it is safe to say that anybody whose anybody has seen the Dark Knight Rises. Although the commercials and advertising says this is the last of the series, anyone who is a fan of comic books knows that it is actually to the beginning of the story.

Towards the end of the credits, when Joseph Gordon-Levitt was at the receptionist desk turning in his badge, and the lady says and quote “I like your nickname, ROBIN”, everyone in the theater took a gasp and said “I knew he was going to be the boy wonder”. Of course it only made sense because it's Batman and Robin, but to say that Bain is the last of it was dead wrong. Batman might be ending, but Robins journey is just beginning, and with villains that still needs to be faced such as Poison Ivy, Riddler, Killer Croc and Penguin, Hollywood has a lot of material to work with. A Robin movie would be something to see, especially if he switches up and becomes Night Wing, but lets rule out Teen Titans as an idea.

On the other hand, with the Green Lantern getting ready to reboot (because the first one sucked), their might be another Batman reboot to go along with the new Man of Steel and Wonder woman Film that will be released in the next few months. Can this mean there may actually be a justice league movie, lets hope so, but will it be better than the Avengers, probably not.

For years Hollywood keep saying that this is the last of such and such series, but how many Lethal Weapons, Scream, and Final Destination films must consumers endure before they realize there is never an end as long as they continue to turn to comic books and old horror films to get people back into movie theaters.

On a positive note to end, here at Knoji would like to stand up and applaud Christian Bale for visiting the victims of the Colorado shootings. Many celebs in his situation would have gave a sad face and went back to their lives, but him visiting and giving them something to smile about after a tragedy makes him a real life super hero. Christian Bale, Hip Hip Hooray, or as he would say in his Batman voice, mmmmm mmmm mmmmm. 

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