Childhood Comes to the Big Screen
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Childhood Comes to the Big Screen

Detailing some of the upcoming films due in 2012.

As the aged old question goes, “where in time is Carmen Sandiego”, you may not know where in time she may be, but you know where she will turn up in 2012, on the big screen. The always on the run secret agent is making her debut in theaters next year. Recent reports has confirmed that Jennifer Lopez will suit up in the famous red trench coat and hat for the role as the ACME agent. Carmen Sandiego Started out a an educational franchise in 1985. since then, the computer game continued to make its mark in gaming, books and a television series that use Math and English to gain clues to figured out where did she run to (almost like the woman version of “Where's Waldo”). There are details that will continued to remain secret until the film goes into production, but has Hollywood ran out of ideas to where they have to scrap at the bottom of the cartoon barrel for a decent movie?

Along with Sandiego, the are more movie based on childhood games that will make its way to the big screen. As mentioned, yes there too will be a “Where's Waldo” film in the works along with a rumored “Captain Planet” film. Recently, there has been a poll to what childhood show should come to the big screen, basically a way to see what the audience wants to see that they they know how to bring people back to the box office. Since the release of some familiar characters such as Transformers, Captain America, and The Dark knight series, people rushed to the theaters to fulfill the curiosity of what it would be like if their favorites were actual beings?

2012 is expected to be the biggest year (and no not because of the whole world ending thing) but for all the new features including the most anticipated, The Avengers. There are a lot of movie buzz going around that will definitely get the public excited to get back into those theater seats (as if Harry Potter is making a come back).

There are some movies that will not only make you go wow, but also take you back to your child hood for the moment. Although the films are predictable, they are much need to give those a reminder that they were once were young too, and these films have the benefit of bring the old and new crowds together. At least for a couple hours.

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