10 Ivan Reitman Top-Grossing Films
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10 Ivan Reitman Top-Grossing Films

Ivan Reitman isn't actually readily known to occasional moviegoers who get to see films only when they learn from other people they were worth seeing. As a film director however he made many popular films and perhaps it will be easier to associate him to those popular films he directed or produced for a not-so-fanatical moviegoer to know him better.

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Ivan Reitman isn't actually readily known to occasional moviegoers who get to see films only when they learn from other people they were worth seeing. As a film director however he made many popular films and perhaps it will be easier to associate him to those popular films he directed or produced for a not-so-fanatical moviegoer to know him better. Born 27 October 1946 in Komarmo, Czechoslovakia (now Slovakia) to Jewish parents, Ivan was brought to Canada when he was four by her parents who sought new start at the country in 1950 as refugees. Graduating from college with a music major at the McMaster University in Ontario he attended the National Film Board's Summer Institute offered at the university that started his inclination to films. He directed three short films as student that gained theatrical support for showing all over Canada which received positive reviews. The rest was history and as of this date he owns The Montecito Picture Company and running it with his son Jason as a family owned business producing such top-grossing comedy films like Road trip (2000), The Pink Panther (2006) and Hotel for Dogs (2009) among others. Below were 10 of Ivan Reitman's blockbuster films for your consideration.

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Meatballs (1979) – A summer camp film which probably inspired comedy films with summer camp settings has Bill Murray on the lead role as the camp's counsellor. Produced with an estimated $ 1.6 million gained $43,046,003 in the box office.

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Stripes (1981) – Another Bill Murray film comeback with a $ 10 million budget gained $85,297,000 on the box office. Murray portrayed Pvt. John Winger a cab driver who lost everything precious to him that he decided to enlist for the US Army.

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Ghostbusters (1984) – The allure of Bill Murray still showed as he took the role as Dr. Peter Venkman with the accompanying characters, Dr. Raymond Stantz (Dan Aykroyd) and Dr. Egon Spengler (Harold Ramis) and of course, Venkman's love interest Dana Barrett played by Sigourney Weaver. A $30 million cost of production brought back $291,632,124 which was repeated with the sequel's performance.

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Kindergarten Cop (1990) – Arnold Schwarzenegger made a comeback on a different role as police detective. Detective John Kimble must pose as a kindergarten teacher to catch a drug dealer. Made wit an estimated $26 million budget gained $201,957,688 on the box office.

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Junior (1994) – The comeback of the trio team-up (DeVito, Schwarzenegger, Reitman) brought another blockbuster comedy which has Schwarzenegger in his most challenging role playing a pregnant doctor after taking an experimental fertility drug. Made with a $60 million budget, this brought $108,431,355 from the box office.

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Twins (1998) – The film which started the Danny DeVito, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Reitman team up has DeVito and Schwarzenegger on the lead role as fraternal twins born out of a secret experiment from a genetic laboratory. Separated from birth, how they found each other became the catch to the story that earned $216,614,388 out of a $ 15 million budget.

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Six Days Seven Nights (1998) – A love comedy film which was an inspiring theme for lovers who found each other on a holiday trip gone wrong or being stranded off somewhere has Harrison Ford and Anne Heche on the lead roles as a pilot and passenger who developed feelings for each other following a crash landing due to bad weather. This film with an estimated $70 million budget earned $164,839,294 in theaters worldwide.

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Evolution (2001) – David Duchovny stars as retired colonel Ira Kane, a college professor whose reaction in seeing a meteor crash was timely in saving the planet from alien invasion. Made with an $80 million budget, brought back $ 98,376,292 from the box office.

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My Super Ex-Girlfriend (2006) – Matt (Luke Wilson) gained the trust of a pretty shy stranger Jenny Johnson (Uma Thurman) after saving her from a purse snatcher. Unknowingly, Jenny has special powers after exposure from radiation following a meteorite crash while still a teenager. This powers soon became evident as Jenny became possessive being Matt's girlfriend. Grossing $60,984,606 from a $30 million budget made this film another blockbuster.

Image by wikipedia

No Strings Attached (2011)– Emma (Natalie Portman) met Adam (Ashton Kutcher) in summer camp while still young. Meeting each other again years later as adults with their individual jobs brought the start of a relationship which offers casual sex without deeper commitments so as not to intervene with the pressures of their jobs. A film with an estimated $25 million budget gained $147,780, 440 worldwide.


pp. 1192, The Film Encyclopedia by Ephraim Katz



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Comments (19)

Well, I've at least seen two of his films.

Ranked #1 in Film Production

I'm thankful you've been familiar with two of his films, James.

I am more lucky, I have seen four. Very interesting read. thanks deep blue

Great ones!

WEll detailed information.thank you!

When I see what they spend to make a movie it boggles my mind...

Ranked #1 in Film Production

Thanks for all your valued comments, everyone.

I fondly remember Kindergarden Cop. A good list.

I don't really know him but very interesting nevertheless

Apparently he has directed many of my favorite movies, but I would never have connected his name to them. The problem really is mine because I never pay all that much attention to produces and directs movies. I either like or dislike a movie on its own merits. Likewise, I watch a new movie because the subject matter appeals to me, not because of who produced and/or directed it.

Not a movie goer but have seen a few of this films. Didn't recognize his name though.

Excellent report on an entertaining film. Thank you dear Deep Blue for your friendship and support.

I've seen most of these movies kabayan. I'll return later for my vote, thanks.

Just revisiting for my vote.

These are all great films.  Thanks for sharing.

Great review, Will. Thank you, my friend, for this superbly presented post.

Hope to be in your support and friendship.

Sorry Will for missing this, I have seen most of his films and I love Anne Heche and Ford "Six Days Seven nights" thank you.

Stripes and Kindergarten Cops are two of my favorites. "boom-chakalaka-boom-chakalaka"!  (favorite scene from stripes!)