10 Facts About 3D Movies
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10 Facts About 3D Movies

10 Facts About 3D Movies

1. William Friese Greene of UK was the first innovator to file a patent for a viewing device that combines 2 pictures in one, a forerunner of the 3D image in 1894.

2. The first demonstration of a 3D film was in 1915. At Astor Theater in New York City, USA an audience wore red and green glasses for viewing for the first time 3D footage in film reels depicting dancing girls and Niagara Falls. The film was produced by Edwin Porter and William Waddell and utilized the anaglyph 3D process.

3. The documentary film, Movies of the Future (1922) was the first stereoscopic print movie shown to a paying audience in Rivoli Theater, New York lasting for only 14 minutes.

4. Man in the Dark (1953) was a 3D film made by Columbia Pictures, the first big studio to capitalize on the growing 3D market craze. The film was a remake of the 1936 film The Man Who Lived Twice.

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5. The first 3D movie to encourage the use of 3D polarizing glasses with synchronized sounds was the Italian film Nozze Vagabonde (Beggar’s Wedding) in 1936.

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6. House of Wax released in 1953 was the first 3D Movie with stereo sound and full colour. It was made by Warner Brothers, the second Hollywood studio to join the 3D market.

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7. The Stewardesses, a US film of 1969 has the highest budget to box office ratio of all 3D movies. An estimated budget of over $100,000 was spent in the production of the film which grossed $30 million at the theatres. It was an adult movie.

Image Credit                                                                                                                                                                                                                  8. A Christmas Carol released in 2009 directed by Robert Zemeckis and has a production cost of $200 million is the most expensive 3D animation film and one of the first new wave of 3D blockbusters. It eventually grossed $323,555,899 worldwide.

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9. Alice in Wonderland (2010) an American fantasy movie directed by Tim Burton released last March grossed $116.1 million in the US on its first 3 days of showing (5-7 March) even surpassing Avatar’s performance in its opening weekend in 2009. The film thus has the record for a 3D movie with the biggest gross in its opening weekend.

10. The year 2009 marked the 3D fever in the film-making industry where major film productions focused on 3D movies. A total of 10 3D films were made, the most number of 3D movies to be released in a single year.


Guinness World records 2011 pp. 180-81




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Comments (16)

very interesting. I have seen a couple 3D movies, but really not my thing. It sort of gave me a headache.

I only saw Clash of the Titans in 3D. Looking forward to more 3D action.. Entertaining post.


Wow, I haven't been here for a while. My inbox had like 350 unread factoidz. Guess I gotta read them all this weekend. :) Nice article by the way. Call me childish, but I do watch 3D movies—a lot. Thanks for this.

Ranked #1 in Film Production

Thanks for the comments, I still have to experience watching a 3D film myself.

I remember the first 3D movie that I ever saw, it was a western. One of my aunts took me to see it on a Friday afternoon. I was just a young shaver.but I loved it but the arrows coming straight at it scared the living bejesus out of my aunt. We always sat close to the screen, so they did look like they were going to hit us. It didn't scare me but my aunt screamed, jumped up and ran out of the auditorium. She sent an usher back to get me after she was safely in the lobby. If you have never experienced a 3D movie, you really need to because the modern ones are even more realistic. "Jaws in 3D" is a good one. Liked. Voted up. Tweeted.

I loved A Christmas Carol in 3D. It felt like we were moving ... almost like flying in some parts. My daughter kept asking me if we were moving. We weren't but it felt like we were.

Good historical info. The people in your photo look like they're in a welding class.

Great 3D movies kabayan. Looking forward into watching Alice in wonderland. They say its really nice :)

Blimey! I didn't realise it had been around that long. It was kept in experimental darkness obviously. I did go to see Avatar in 3D that was great!

Dude, you've mentioned Alice in Wonderland and not Avatar?

Don't forget Michael Jackson's This Is It special 3-D versions of his Earth Song and Thriller in 2009...excellent, just excellent. Your article was a great bit of info.

I think the 3D tv systems are a bit much, and really where we are we dont get out to the theatres that much! I havent seen a 3D movie.. since I cannot remember when...

Ranked #1 in Film Production

Thanks for all the comments..it's ironic that I wrote this but I'm just like Brenda without 3d experience.

Ranked #6 in Film Production

I have watched several 3D movies, and my recommendation is to only watch animated movies in 3D and stick with 2D on live action movies. If you want a better experience for live action movies, just go for iMAX.

I have not seen a 3D movie yet. It must be great to see one.

I like the idea of 3D film, but some of the effect gets lost on me. The image simply looks like two-layered film to my eyes. I agree with Ramz: it's remarkable, but for live action, IMAX is often a more pleasant experience. Good write and good take on this subject - voted and appreciated.